About Me
I earned my PhD in Organic Chemistry in1983 at the University of Wisconsin studying with Edwin Vedejs. After two years of postdoctoral research with E. J. Corey at Harvard University, I began my industrial career as a Scientist in Chemical Process R&D at the Upjohn Company. In 1992 I joined Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) in Syracuse, NY as a Department Head in Chemical Development.

In 1998 I co-founded American Advanced Organics (AAO), a CRO that established a reputation for fast and reliable kilo lab synthesis. During its first two years, AAO completed more than 90 custom synthesis projects. In 2000, AAO was acquired by Albany Molecular Research (AMRI). I ultimately relocated to Albany and assumed responsibility for AMRI's Chemical Development department.

In 2004 I joined Cambrex as Site Director at their Technical Centre where much of the company's process R&D and kilo lab GMP synthesis was carried out. In late 2005 I accepted a two-year faculty position at Union College and in 2007 I joined Sai Advantium Pharma as Senior Vice President of Process and Scale Up, which included responsibility for Sai's large scale manufacturing operations. In 2009 I accepted the position of Vice President of Technology at PCI Synthesis in Massachusetts. In addition to responsibility for the company's R&D and kilo scale GMP manufacturing, I also led the company's project management efforts. I left PCI in 2012 to become a consultant to the pharmaceutical industry.

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