My consulting business is based on three areas of expertise. These are:

o Synthetic Organic Chemistry - For the last thirty years I have been dedicated to finding and developing practical and efficient chemical processes for commercially-important molecules. Most of these molecules have been Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and most have complicated structures, but many have also been fine chemicals and some have been quite simple structures. All of the targets needed reliable processes and all needed to be made as efficiently and as pure as possible, which is the type of challenge that I love regardless of the complexity of the target.

Project Support and Management - Since my first CRO experience as a co-founder of AAO in 1998, I have been involved with hundreds of projects. Some have been simple lab custom syntheses with known procedures while others have started as a search for a process that, once found, needed to be developed and scaled under cGMP in as short a time as possible. I look forward to helping clients with all of their project needs, including:

o Laying the groundwork for preparing a Request for Proposal (RFP)
o Preparing an RFP and selecting appropriate vendors to provide quotes
o Vendor selection
o Project management and troubleshooting of on-going projects
o Follow up activities on completed projects

Development of Leadership Skills in Technical Staff - the most gratifying experiences in my career have been seeing former co-workers' careers blossom. My role has mostly been to help them discover their leadership potential and then help them achieve it. Many very intelligent and highly skilled people pursue technical educations and then find themselves well on their way to successful careers as scientists before they are exposed to the knowledge and skills that will make them successful leaders. I will pursue formal training as a co-active coach starting this fall and will continue to make leadership development of successful scientists a priority as I transition to being a consultant.