I highly recommend Greg as a consultant to anyone anticipating, or already in the process of, scaling a chemical process .
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When I joined the pharmaceutical industry 27 years ago, drugs were discovered, developed, manufactured and marketed all within the same company. This all changed a short while later and it’s now common for projects to involve ten or more companies before product launch.

This new approach provides many benefits, but also presents new challenges. My consulting is designed to help clients deal with these challenges.

My areas of expertise are:
Finding effective and practical solutions to chemical process problems
Preparation for and management of outsourced synthesis projects
Helping scientists and technical managers develop leadership skills

Please visit the appropriate pages to learn more about my experience and knowledge in these various areas.

ChemDev Solutions
A chemistry consulting firm founded by J.Gregory Reid
--Sreenu Guntha
Managing Director
AAP Pharma Technologies India (P) Ltd
--Rob Hodge
Former Sr. Dir.Manufact.
Kythera Biopharmaceuticals, Inc.
I have always been impressed with Greg's ability to assess options for process chemistry routes and to quickly compare the potential and risks of competing approaches.
Greg has a broad knowledge of organic chemistry and a great deal of experience optimizing processes for large scale manufacturing.
--Jay Reddy
Vice President
Johnson Matthey Pharma Services
& Alfa Aesar.