I have worked with Dr. J. Gregory Reid in a wide variety of capacities since when he recruited me to my first job at Bristol-Myers Squibb. After having left BMS with Greg in 1998 to help start American Advanced Organics, a custom synthesis company that we sold to AMRI in 2000, we worked together at AMRI for four additional years. His enthusiasm for process R&D is contagious and his entrepreneurial spirit is inspirational, so I could not resist working with him again when he asked me to join Sai Advantium later in 2007.

Even though Greg stopped working in the lab a long time ago, he has continued to stay actively-involved in projects. I continue to be amazed at his ability to define a problem clearly and attack it with the enthusiasm and gusto of a young scientist. His approach to problem solving is unique and is geared towards coming up with practical applications that are rather simple and readily applicable to the situation at hand. This, combined with his 10+ years working at various CROs gives him a tremendous amount of process chemistry and API development experience. Shortly after Greg joined the faculty at Union College I invited him to consult at the company where I was working at that time. He met with several of my scientist colleagues working on different projects and gave them advice ranging from possible alternative processes to work up modifications to simplify a purification or isolation. All of the scientists who met with him were impressed with Greg's quick grasp of their problems and his ability to give appropriate advice.

I have always been impressed with Greg's ability to assess options for process chemistry routes and to quickly compare the potential and risks of competing approaches. As someone that is very knowledgeable in traditional organic chemistry and is well versed in the state-of-the-art when it comes to API development, he can quickly identify key experiments that will provide clarity on the best way forward on even the most challenging programs. Additionally, he does not give preference to his own ideas and lets the experimental results dictate the way forward, providing a fair balance to his own instincts and those of other collaborators.

Likewise, Greg's knowledge on the business side is equally impressive. His encouraging nature and ability to motivate are rather rare traits in the industry. Greg asks relevant questions in a non-threatening way while still making his point and ultimately gets colleagues to react in a way that provides desired and positive outcomes. He gives credit where it is due and is critical (while still constructive) when it is deserved.

I am convinced that any process R&D project and API development team would benefit from Greg's involvement. In addition to his technical contributions, he is adept at helping to build and lead effective technical and business teams. With his high expectations, balanced with a realistic approach, he has routinely demonstrated the extraordinary value he offers to the industry. I highly recommend Greg to anyone looking for a chemistry, process research, API development, outsourcing or business consultant.

---Jay Reddy
Vice President at Johnson Matthey Pharma Services & Alfa Aesar