I have worked closely with Greg Reid on dozens of projects over the past ten years. He is simply the best at finding and developing practical chemical processes. He has a broad knowledge of organic chemistry and a great deal of experience optimizing processes for large scale manufacturing, making him an ideal team member for any project that will ultimately need to be scaled up. Greg avoids solving problems with impractical approaches. A good example of this is his extreme dislike of chromatography; as a result we always came up with innovative separation techniques which helped to scale up our processes while avoiding laborious chromatography. (It's amazing what you can accomplish with a well-designed extraction!) In addition to his technical competence, Greg is also easy to work with. I guarantee that you will find him to be a valuable contributor and that your final process will experience a lot more success because of his involvement.

--Sreenu Guntha
Managing Director,AAP Pharma Technologies India (P) Ltd